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Tuesday, October 25, 2011



If you are asked to list some places you love most, I bet most of you will mention your high schools. The time we spend in our high schools is thought to be the happiest stage of life. I do think so. I can count the days I was there but I cannot count the peaceful memories I had. No matter far I go, I still bear in mind the images of my beloved high school, especially the most beautiful yard I’ve ever seen.

My school is one of the biggest schools in Batu Gajah City, located in the center of Kinta Selatan district. It covers a large area with 4 blocks and a wide school yard. My school has three gates, each of which leads to different roads. Entering the main gate, you will find a yellow U-shaped two-storey classroom block. Keep walking forward, you’ll catch sight of a white building behind a big green tree which includes a very huge library, teachers’ room and a hall where seminars and events are held. Behind this lies a modern sports house which has been built recently. The workplace of Heads of the school is opposite teachers’ room. From the hall, we can have a panoramic view to which I’ve always been attracted. I love the yellow of the classroom blocks as well as the walls surrounding my school. It makes the school brighter in sunshine and brings an ancient feeling.

However, it must be a deficiency if I don’t mention the most beautiful spot - the yard. On the first day I came here, I was impressed by the width, the beauty of it. The school yard is divided into two parts by a small path which connects the canteen and teacher’s room. There are many trees in the yard, some of them have been living for more than 30 years, decorating this yard and providing shade for lots of generations of students. The big trees look like huge green umbrellas from afar with colorful...

i love my school.....